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We need to separate the gold from everything else in the rock so the rock needs to be treated in some way. In New Zealand we chiselled some rocks from an outcrop near a small creek. We were pretty sure our rocks contained some gold as there were disused gold mines dating back from the 1870s close by.


Dec 21, 2013· Want to find Gold. Learn How to Identify the rocks that will help you understand where the Best place to start looking to find Gold will be. We cover the basics plus some of the less know ones ...

Gold Identification - A 7 Point Checklist

Gold Identification - A 7 Point Checklist. Here are some Gold Identification tests that you can easily apply in the bush while you are looking for gold and are not sure the rock you find is gold or just "Fools Gold"

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Lionskin is a rock that contains fragments of golden tiger's eye and other material cemented in a clear quartz or milky agate matrix. It might be considered a "tiger's eye breccia" because the tiger's eye fragments are angular in shape.

How to Test Ore or Rock for Gold Content

In all experiments aimed at testing the gold content of rocks or "ore", you should ask yourself whether the conditions of his test differ in any vital particular from those that would obtain on a commercial scale; if so, there is no guarantee that his results would be borne out in a working plant.

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By comparing your rock sample with photographic examples, you can identify key characteristics such as how the rock was formed, what minerals and other materials it contains, and where the rock …


identifying gold metal in the rock Many people who may have difficulty to identify the gold in the rock, because gold is usually often confused with the kind of carrier minerals pyrite, chalcopyrite, pyrhotite, pentlandit and gold -colored mica, because the mineral carrier is very similar to a vein of gold …

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Jun 08, 2009· Gold is a very rare and precious metal that is soft, malleable and heavy, and it is often found with other minerals, such as quartz. Learn about the differences between gold and fool's gold with ...

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How do I identify gold? Update Cancel. ad by Mott & Bow. ... Lode gold is the last to mention and can be the most difficult to identify. This is gold in rock. You can get a good start by knowing what types of rock commonly contain gold, such as quartz, and what other metals are commonly found with gold. ...

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Identifying Rocks: Identifying Valuable Rocks – YouTube Learn about different valuable rocks, such as gold, silver or garnets with help from a lab manager and research scientist in this free video on identifying …

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These few simple characteristics that can be used in identifying the gold content of ore minerals contained in rock or ore : Color : This mineral is metallic-colored variety, but depends also on the purity of gold.

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How to Identify Rocks and Minerals By Jan C. Rasmussen (Revised from a booklet by Susan Celestian) 2012 Donations for reproduction from: Freeport McMoRan Copper & Gold Foundation

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To identify a rock, think like a geologist and examine its physical characteristics for clues. The following tips and tables contain characteristics that will help you identify the most common rocks on earth.

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Rock Contact Zones and Faults: Many quartz veins and other hard rock gold deposits occur in "zones" along faults or at the contact of two different types of rock. Correct Topography: As a general concept, the coarser gold does tend to hang up farther upstream.

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identifying gold rocks part of the series identifying rocks gold is a very rare and precious metal that is soft,malleable and heavy,and it is often found with. Get Price And Support Online; Image Gallery identify gold in rocks - keywordsuggest.

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About the Rock Identification Key. This Rock Key has been designed and written to assist children and adults in identifying the common rocks they find in their back yards and on memorable vacations. Anyone may copy it freely for noncommercial use.

How to find gold in quartz rock specimens

When gold is still encased in quartz rock, it is called a gold specimen. These are a real treat for gold prospectors and collectors as well, and are often valued at a premium due to their beauty and rarity.


Gold hunting is indeed a lucrative and enjoyable hobby. However, differentiating between gold and other rocks with similar characteristics like gold-colored mica, pyrite, chalcopyrite, pentlandit and pyrhotite is extremely difficult.

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Sep 03, 2013· How to tell if gold in rock is real? ... Ok, I took a file and filed some of the "gold" & rock and placed the filed flakes onto a magnet. Not magnetic. I then placed the rock/gold grinds that I filed and put into a gold pan. They stayed at the bottom. Next step to try an ohm meter. Also I thougt I read somewhere about using acid to test gold?

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I stumbled across this rock what I believe to be gold, the gold is mixed in with quartz and some orange looking rock. I've done the acid test put it and it passed that. I …

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Quartz is considered the host rock for many silver deposits. Quartz is a crystalline structure that has a white to clear appearance. Bright white quartz with streaks of gray are a good indicator of the presence of silver ore. ... Identifying Gold Rocks. How to Hunt for Pyrite. How to Detect Silver in the Ground at a Silver Mine. How to Prospect ...

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Gold feels heavy, like a lead fishing weight, when you hold a placer nugget in the palm of your hand. However, weight alone is not enough to identify real gold in a rock.

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Apr 05, 2011· There is loads of good data available via the web. All I did was enter "Gold bearing Rock identification" in Google and got quite a number of good sites

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identifying gold in a rock. Western Union Scam identifying gold in a rock Trade Forums Discussion Forums. Feb 18, 2008 to be true, like a rock bottom price on expensive or hard to find merchandise.

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Oct 14, 2017· To tell if gold is real, try scraping it across a ceramic plate. If it leaves a gold streak behind, the gold is probably real, and if it leaves a black streak behind, it's most likely fake. You can also test the gold by holding it up to a magnet.

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Gold is a very rare and precious metal that is soft, malleable and heavy, and it is often found with other minerals, such as quartz. Learn about the differences between gold and fool's gold with help from a lab manager and research scientist in this free video on identifying rocks.

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Home » Rocks. Rocks: Igneous, Metamorphic and Sedimentary Rocks hold the history of the earth and the materials that will be used to build its future.

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This is where the gold is actually encased within rocks and must me manually removed from the Earth to extract the gold. The gold bearing material is called ore. Identifying gold bearing ore just by visual inspection can be very difficult, or even impossible, depending on the concentration of the gold within the rock.

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